Thanks a Bunch Reverend Russell (English)


  • For terrier lovers
  • And other dog lovers
  • Full of humour
  • But a tear or two as well
  • Also for those tearing out their hair while the most innocent looking terrier imaginable is looking at them
  • Could have called it the book of compromises
  • With illustrations
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Pluk, the parson Jack Russell terrier went in to the bin… literally. As soon as he walked into the apartment he took a bee line to the rubbish bin. And the little pup dove head first into it to procure a snack. The tone was set for 15 years of living with a very special dog, excuse me, terrier. We learned a lot from each other and in his long life he experienced all things that are part of that thing called life. Pluk was a very remarkable animal and this book, full of humour and also some emotional moments, is an homage to him and his fellow terriers. Everyone who has lived with a terrier, knows they are among the most unique characters you will ever encounter.

Available in both EPUB and MOBI.

Translated into Dutch: Vuilnisbakkenras.

Want to know more? Click here to learn about the Jack Russell terrier or its creator the Reverend John (Jack) Russell.


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