The Chronicles of Wormsprong (English)


  • Familiar and unfamiliar creatures
  • Exciting, fun fairy tales
  • Separate stories, yet one overarching whole
  • No illustrations
  • Tickles the imagination


Fairytales about Wormsporng. Wormsprong is a world sprung from the egg of a dragon. On this world live remarkable creatures. A drinkle learns to dance, wisps no longer want to be misty and of course there are the dragons. They possess the power that binds Wormsprong together. But can the dragons hold on to that power? And what can Bark, the wise old tree, do to help them? Find out in the book full of fairytales about “The Chronicles of Wormsprong”.

Available in both EPUB and MOBI formats.

Also available in Dutch: De Kronieken van Wormsprong.

Want to know more about dragons? Find out on Wikipedia. Mind you: on Wormsprong they are the good guys.



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