breadI am an independent soul. The beaten tracks of writing and publishing do not fit me. I publish all my writing myself and have done so for years. This provides me with breadcrumbs rather than bread, but it rewards me with the huge satisfaction of uncompromising creative freedom.

I relaunched my site at as a place to write about another great passion of mine: music.


As my spiritual forebears – bards, poets and court jesters – sought patrons among the rich aristocracy for support of their art, I turn to to help me in my quest to write. is a site where anyone can pledge a financial contribution to a creative person. Be it a writer, filmmaker, photographer, you name it. In return you often receive a reward. A token of appreciation from a grateful, often poor artistic soul. Writing is as much an art as music, painting or sculpting are. So surely writing about music is art? Or at least closely affiliated to it.


“Why do we need arts?” you ask. Well, imagine a world without arts. Imagine turning on the radio and hearing nothing but static. Imagine turning on your television or computer and being greeted by a blank screen or stark black on white text only, that is merely functional and bare in tone. Yes, even the commercial tunes that often grace our ears in the elevator or supermarket have their roots in the arts.¬†Imagine a city without architecture. Or a far away, mysterious country that is not described in a way that stirs the imagination. We would live in a world that’s stark and stern without relief. It doesn’t bear thinking about.


Creative people are the lifeblood of our world. They observe, critique and question. But they also make visible that what wasn’t visible before. They give lustre to that which was dull. They report on that which is far away. Without them the world as we know it would be very different indeed. I feel myself very much one of those people. Less inclined to come fix your leaky faucet, but very much inclined to tell you about what I hear, see and experience so that you may discover and enjoy new things.

Other artists

That’s why supporting creative people is so very important. If you don’t think me worthy of your contribution, please visit and browse other artist’s portfolio’s. Close your eyes and imagine your world without us. With that image in mind, I’m sure you can find someone who you want to support!