Henk de Kruyff, writer


Henk de KruyffHenk is a Dutchman but he mostly writes in English. He was born in 1967 near the beautiful city of Arnhem, where he now lives.

Arnhem is near the lush woods and the sprawling moors of the Veluwe, where once spirits and witches roamed. At least that is what the local stories tell.

Growing up, trekking through these woods and across these moors, always accompanied by one or more canine friends, he absorbed these atmospheric surroundings. It is no wonder then, that he became a writer and started to create his own stories.

Henk’s short and long stories often have surreal elements woven into them. The stories manage to marry realism with some of the strangest happenings imaginable. They are clearly the product of a rich imagination and a wandering soul.

These days Henk and his wife have a small pack of dogs and together they savour the woods and moors they live so near to. And these surroundings never fail to inspire the writing spirits that drive Henk.

Contact Henk via e-mail at info@noisepollution.nl.

The delicate art of noise pollution is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 09140187