VCV Rack Patches

VCV Rack is a modular synth emulation for PC and Mac. It is totally free although there are paid for modules as well. However, many modules are absolutely free and these will keep you occupied with this synth for a very, very long time! You can download VCV Rack and the modules here: (free registration necessary).

In the spirit of open source and giving back to the VCV Rack community I decided to share the patches I have created and used in my tracks. Click on the image for a larger view. Right click and “save as…” on the text link to download the patch (if you left click the raw text file of the patch opens, which you can also save as and use). They are provided as is. You will need to adjust a few things, specifically on the audio and midi setup, to make them work on your computer. Feel free to experiment further. Have fun!

Bigger and Bolder:

Bigger and Bolder patch

Controller demo

Controller demo patch

Dreams are stuff

Dreams are stuff patch

Drums and stuff

Drums and stuff patch

Modular Morning

Modular Morning patch

Tea Break

Tea Break patch

There is life in the damn thing yet!

There is life in the damn thing yet! patch