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Vinyl talk: Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings by Bo Hansson

Music inspired by the lord of the rings bo hanssonThis is rather a special and I think rare album. Not many may know this album or its creator. This album is titled Music Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings and it’s by the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Bo Hansson.

Unfamiliar name

Bo Hansson may be an unfamiliar name now but to many of his contemporaries it wasn’t. In the late sixties he was known to many of the top acts of the day. He jammed and recorded with Jimi Hendrix and toured rather extensively in the sixties and early seventies.


He was very inspired by professor Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and he decided to record music inspired by the stories. He and a few friends recorded this album on a portable eight-track and it was released on Sweden’s first indie record label (Silence Records) in 1970. Two years later it was released on the Charisma label (that’s this pressing).
I got this record a couple of years ago on my birthday from my wife and until now I haven’t had much of a chance to listen to it. But now that I have my setup in working order I decided to give it a thorough listen.

production tricks

The state of the record is not the best and the recording maybe less professional than some seventies albums but, it is certainly worth a listen. And more than one. There are lots of fun production tricks.

Of it’s time

Themusic straddles the border line between progrock and folk. So it’s a piece of it’s time. But melodically interesting things happen and by reading off the song titles you follow along with the story and it’s fun to extract the essence of inspiration from the tracks.

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