Some kind of monster – Metallica (film)

some kind of monster (film)

I never could get into Metallica much. I tried. I did my due diligence and every so often I tried listening to their albums again. But somehow it never stuck.


Today I watched the documentary Some kind of Monster about the making of the album St. Anger. And that changed my perception of Metallica.
I watched the struggles these guys went through, and more importantly, were willing to go through while creating that album. The respect I felt for this band grew enormously.


I know now why I found it difficult to listen to them. Always in the back of my mind was the idea they were kind of fake. Kind of rich boys playing heavy metal because it was cool. Oh how wrong I was. Yes they became very wealthy. But seeing them struggle both with their personalities and the creative process, has given me a new appreciation of how seriously they take the band and the music.


I’m going to listen again. With different ears and without the prejudice that was all mine. In other words, time for some humble Metallica pie.

This text is an edited version of one previously published on instagram.

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