Get yer ya-ya’s out! – Rolling Stones


Sometimes a band is so well established that you forget to really listen to them. You know many, if not all of their songs and listening to their music becomes almost like listening to a stale radio station.


Here’s a tip: track down an album by such a band that makes you realise WHY these bands have become a household name.
“Get yer ya-ya’s out!” by the Rolling Stones is such an album.
This live album from 1970 can stand the test of time so easily that it should make some modern wannabe’s sit in a corner and cry.


The Stones you hear on this album are tight! On this album they play Rock ‘n’ Roll with the kind of conviction, rawness and drive that makes it abundantly clear why they stood, stand and always will stand out.


This autumn the Stones will go on tour again. Amazing, considering how long these guys have been playing. Listen to this album, and you’ll know why they still fill stadiums. If you only get a tenth of your rolls rocked that this album rocks you’re in for great night!


And on a side note: Sympathy for the Devil remains one of my all time favourite rock songs. On this album the Stones play one of the best versions of this song I ever heard!

This text is an edited version of one previously published on instagram.

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